Who are we?

Hi, I'm Amanda Sanabria! I am the daughter of Portuguese and Brazilian immigrant parents that came to America in search of a new beginning and better opportunities. I'm grateful for their sacrifices that allowed me to pursue my dreams and passions. My passion for confections started at an early age when I helped my family bake Biscoitos da Vovó (Portuguese biscuits) using an old family recipe. I remember fighting with my brothers over who would get to lick the spoon (we've all done it) and taking turns holding the mixing bowl while my dad mixed the ingredients. Once the biscuits were in the oven I would stare into the oven and watch the biscuits bake. I knew then that I wanted to bake for living and help others experience that excitement and passion for confections.

Why chocolate?

You're probably wondering why I sell chocolate instead of baked goods. When I first started culinary school I intended to focus on baked goods. However, while pursuing my degree in International Baking and Pastry, I took a chocolate course and it quickly became my favorite. I loved working with chocolate, shaping it and bringing my creations to life. After I graduated, I worked for local bakeries and chocolate shops to learn more and hone my skills. However, I always had a desire to work for myself and create without limitations. With support from my husband, family, and friends, I was inspired to quit working for others and start my own company. So here we are and thank you for joining me on my chocolate journey!